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The Financial Technology Revolution is taking the world by storm. Traditional Banks and Financial Service companies are struggling to keep up. New start ups are taking advantage of this slow adoption while providing people with new financial options that are superior to traditional tools. These Fintech Solutions give every person the opportunity to have complete control over their wealth and grow it on Autopilot.
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The next evolution in money is here. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets completely controlled and secured by a technology known as the Blockchain. The Cryptocurrency Economy, built upon Blockchain Systems, is creating a New Global Monetary System which will revolutionize world finance. Now is the time to learn, to invest and to prepare.

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Build your own investment portfolio of US and International Stocks and Bonds using Robo-Advisors. These powerful systems use new technology to provide Auto Rebalancing, Auto Dividend Reinvestment and Tax Loss Harvesting for maximum returns. And the best part is Robo-Advisors provide all of this for zero or minimal fees! Automate your investments.

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P2P Lending

Make money like the banks do! Lend your money to carefully selected borrowers based on their credit worthiness by pooling your money with other investors. Consistently earn a very good interest rate on the loaned funds. Help others consolidate their debt or pay off high interest credit cards. Invest as little as $25 in each Peer to Peer Lending Note. Diversify your P2P Portfolio by investing in thousands of different people.

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No Money No Problem

Start earning Free Cryptocurrency Today! We teach you how to easily earn Free Crypto using multiple online programs. You also have the option to sign up for your own completely free site to promote these programs to your family and friends — allowing you to earn even more money. Even better, many of these programs will drive high quality traffic to your site to further expand your earning potential.

Still not sure what to do?
Let us help you get started by teaching you how to earn Free Cryptocurrency without any obligations or investment. We even give you a free website to share this information with your family and friends to earn even more!
So, what are you waiting for?

Our Methodology

Empowering Everyone with the Knowledge and Tools to Build Wealth.
Automated, Diversified, Minimal Fees, Full Control, Easy Setup, Free Money, Free Website

Welcome to Modern Wealth Solutions. Here we strive to teach everyone how to use the same tools and strategies that we use, to build wealth on autopilot.
We have three portfolios that we allocate our money to, Cryptocurrency, Robo-Advisors, and P2P Lending. Each program can be completely automated, allowing you to spend your time however you wish.
You don't have to worry any longer about high trading fees eating into your profits. At Modern Wealth Solutions, we focus on finding programs with the lowest fees possible. All of our programs provide very professional services with full transparency.
We want everyone to succeed, including those who do not have enough money to invest. So we also created a product that teaches everyone how to earn Free Cryptocurrency. We then provide our members with their very own website that they can share to earn even more free money.
Opportunity blesses those who take action, so start building your Automated Wealth Building Solutions now.

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Our Team

Doing our part in the Financial Revolution.

Sean Meyer

Founder / Administrator
Father, Husband, Software Developer, Investor and Huge Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. I hope to help others achieve financial freedom using the same systems and strategies that I do.

John Meyer

Chief Editor / Research
Retired USAF Officer, BS, MBA – Management/Quantitative Analysis. Excited to educate new investors with the fantastic financial growth possibilities of Cryptocurrencies.

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