Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency

Now Is The Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency

We hear this a lot: “Is now still the best time to buy cryptocurrency?”  Or “I sure wish I purchased some Bitcoin a few years ago!” And when you look at the cost of a $4000 Bitcoin and $300 Ethereum (mid-August 2017), we also hear, “I can’t afford them now.”  This type of questioning and statements may make some sense

How To Get Free Cryptocurrency

How To Get Free Cryptocurrency

The best methods for getting Free Cryptocurrency are Faucets, Paid-To-Click Programs, Traffic Exchanges, and Offer Walls. Our Crypto Wealth Builder Product (Coming Soon) gives you access to all of these programs to earn even more through referrals.  All the Cryptocurrency that you receive using these programs are deposited directly into your Coinbase account or any other Crypto Wallet that you use.


What is Cryptocurrency?

Much like the currency in your bank, or the cash in your wallet, Cryptocurrency is another form of money — a new digital payment system.  It was invented by a person or group using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. After the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, they released a new open-source cryptocurrency software in January 2009 —  it was called Bitcoin.