July 4, 2017

How To Get Free Cryptocurrency

How To Get Free CryptocurrencyThe best methods for getting Free Cryptocurrency are Faucets, Paid-To-Click Programs, Traffic Exchanges, and Offer Walls. Our Crypto Wealth Builder Product (Coming Soon) gives you access to all of these programs to earn even more through referrals.  All the Cryptocurrency that you receive using these programs are deposited directly into your Coinbase account or any other Crypto Wallet that you use. The majority of the programs will require you to complete a minimum amount of tasks before they deposit the money into your account. Yet, reaching their thresholds do not take very long if you stick to a routine and follow a few simple strategies.

  • Crypto Wealth Builder (Coming Soon) is our Downline Builder Product where our members get their own site to share all of these programs to earn even more money
  • If you’re not sure what Cryptocurrency is, check out our What is Cryptocurrency article.

Faucets give away Free Cryptocurrency to advertise their siteCrypto Faucet

Cryptocurrency Faucets are websites or apps that pay you a small amount in order to attract you to their offer. Many Faucet sites have simple designs that display many advertisements. The advertisements allow these sites to earn more money than they give away.  Faucets are a very simple and fast way to earn Free Crypto.  One of our goals for Modern Wealth Solutions is to provide you with the Best Faucet Sites available.  We strive to only include premium Faucet sites that have proven themselves to be sustainable and trustworthy.  Check out our Best Bitcoin Faucets page for more details on each site that we use in our Crypto Wealth Builder (Coming Soon).

PTC Programs advertise sites by giving away Free Cryptocurrency

Paid To Click ProgramsPaid-to-Click programs allow you to earn Free Money by simply looking at websites that other people have paid them to advertise.  Most of these programs simply require you to create an account, begin clicking through the ads listed on their site and withdraw your money when you’ve reached their required minimum limit.  Most PTC Programs will require you to stay on their advertised sites for a pre-determined amount of time.  Usually, the longer ads will increase the amount you earn for viewing the site.  Be sure to check out our Best Bitcoin Paid-to-Click Programs article for details on each program we use in the Crypto Wealth Builder (Coming Soon).

Get Ad Credits and Free Cryptocurrency with Traffic Exchanges

Bitcoin GamesThe best part about using Traffic Exchanges is the free advertising you get for your Crypto Profit Funnel site.  These programs allow you to add your website URL to your profile, and every time you earn an ad credit on their site, that’s free traffic for you.  Traffic Exchanges are similar to PTC Programs since they also give away Free Cryptocurrency when you surf their advertised sites.  The added bonus of earning Ad Credits as well as Free Crypto is really what makes Traffic Exchanges truly unique and worth using.  Our Best Bitcoin Traffic Exchanges article gives a summary on each of the programs that we currently use for our Crypto Wealth Builder (Coming Soon).

Offer Walls pay out the most Free Cryptocurrency

Offer WallsBy just completing a few simple tasks like taking a survey or downloading a mobile app, you can earn big payouts.  Offer Walls are great places to search for these types of tasks.  The best way to earn money from Offer Walls is to find certain tasks that you like to do and ignore the rest. Then move on to the next Offer Wall or Free Cryptocurrency program that’s next on your list.  We believe Offer Walls are one of the fastest methods to collect Free Cryptocurrency once you find certain tasks you like.  Go to our Best Bitcoin Offer Walls page to learn more about each of the programs we use in our Crypto Wealth Builder (Coming Soon).


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