August 14, 2017

Now Is The Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency

Best Time To Buy CryptocurrencyWe hear this a lot: “Is now still the best time to buy cryptocurrency?”  Or “I sure wish I purchased some Bitcoin a few years ago!” And when you look at the cost of a $4000 Bitcoin and $300 Ethereum (mid-August 2017), we also hear, “I can’t afford them now.”  This type of questioning and statements may make some sense to you.  But we believe most novice crypto fans are missing the point.  Just purchase a fraction of a Bitcoin – any amount you can afford.  Don’t you want to hitch a ride on the most exciting and revolutionary financial development our world has ever seen?

Of course, like all investment strategies, we recommend cryptocurrency only be a portion of your diversified portfolio. With that said, we cannot think of any other financial asset you can purchase today offering the same potential gain.  Okay, let’s look at the above question about timing. Sure, the best time to buy Bitcoin was a few years ago.  The next best time to buy is now. We say this with the belief in the growing solid-global acceptance of Bitcoin as a crypto leader. After the August 2017 fork, the Bitcoin platform has only got stronger. SegWit aimed to solve Bitcoin’s long-standing scaling problem.  It has proven to be a positive fundamental catalyst to its rising price.

Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency – Exciting Growth Trend

Buy now and enjoy watching your money grow. As of August 2017, Bitcoin has increased in trade value over 625% for the year.  In Investment Class 101, you learn, “Past stock performance is not a guarantee of the future.”  Yeah, we get that.  But let’s look at Bitcoin’s history starting in 2011 – 2017 (Year-To-Date):

2011  +1500% 2012  +399% 2013  +5400% 2014  -43%
2015  +37% 2016  +130% 2017  +627%

Bitcoin ImageSee a trend?  Even if you only had a quarter of a Bitcoin years ago, you would be smiling today!  In other words, you don’t have to purchase an entire Bitcoin to enjoy the thrill of watching your money grow!  Think of this analogy:  You may not be able to buy an entire train, and maybe not even one passenger car.  But maybe, you can purchase one passenger seat on the speeding train. If you spend over 3 to 4 thousand dollars for an entire Bitcoin or just a few hundred for a fraction of a coin, your investment is still speeding along on the same track, and you will receive the same percentage increase in value!

When you decide to purchase Bitcoin, you will have a choice to buy a dollar amount you can afford.  If you spend $100 to purchase some Bitcoin using Coinbase for instance, you may only own a fraction of a Bitcoin, but you can now say, “I’m on my way. I’ve just joined the Cryptocurrency Revolution!”   In the next few months, if you can afford the same or even more, purchase again.  Very soon you’ll own a whole Bitcoin.  If you keep methodically purchasing Bitcoins or the other altcoins we recommend, using this dedicated cost-averaging method, we believe you’ll be amazed at your total worth in the future.  It will be life-changing.  We’re excited for you!

Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency – Does It Have A Future?

Bitcoin Future PriceWe also hear,  “Will crypto coins and blockchain technology even exist in the future?”  Let’s look at cryptocurrency’s future potential to survive.  Back to Investment 101.  Remember learning when a stock goes up drastically, it often creates its own financial bubble?  Like the old saying, “What goes up, must come down.” Well, this wisdom is true when referring to regular stocks and bonds.

Well, this wisdom is true when referring to regular stocks and bonds. However, Bitcoin and altcoins like Ethereum and Litecoin are not regular investments in any historical sense. Traditionally, when a niche industry creates something everyone craves and their product demand and price soars, their associated stock goes up until the market is saturated, and the public no longer hungers for the once fascinating tangible product. Cryptocurrency is not tied to a one-hit wonder.  It’s not tied to a product at all. It’s an idea that is gaining worldwide acceptance and creating tremendous demand.

Our financial world is changing, and you have a chance to jump on the train.  Think of all the trade problems many industries and international buyers still experience.  Now think of how alternative decentralized currencies can improve world trade and confidence.  With cryptocurrency, no one can access and sell your personal and financial data. When buying, no one can steal your credit card – you don’t use one. No one can locate or steal your cryptocurrency identity and use your funds without your crypto key.  And because the blockchain technology is virtually everywhere, there will be no infrastructure failure.  You’ll never worry about “funds not received.”  The blockchain revolution is here to stay, and so are Cryptocurrencies!  Yes! Now is the best time to buy Cryptocurrency!

Invest For More Than Just Financial Freedom

We want you to invest confidently in this idea for another reason.  There is a great need among other nations’ citizens to gain and save assets outside of their traditional banks.  Many Americans have not experienced national financial crises like those that threaten other countries. Under unstable government regimes, once trusted banks could close and control personal savings. Governments could begin printing legal tender and then declare their fiat currency illegal overnight.  Governments themselves could become corrupt and confiscate personal property. This type of crisis is a frightening reality for many of our international neighbors.  Do you see the attractiveness and the potential scope of cryptocurrency worldwide?  Banks and governments will not be able to control your assets.  Americans may not need Blockchain Technology now, but many others do.  It offers hope, and it’s already changing the world.  We emphatically believe in the future of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top-performing cryptocurrencies.

Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency Is NOW! – Record-Breaking Gains!

Now is the best time to start investing in Cryptocurrency.  The new worldwide financial phenomenon!

  • Coinbase Advertisement OneBitcoin – The original Papa coin. It has weathered dire predictions from many so-called experts.  It has stood the test of time, and we strongly believe it will rise to $5000 this year. Its growing worldwide acceptance is catapulting Bitcoin as the strongest Cryptocurrency leader.  Since April 2017 Japan has recognized Bitcoin as legal currency, many others may follow.  YTD:  627% increase.
  • Ethereum – We’re also bullish on this asset and believe it will climb to $1000 by the end of the year.  Its proprietary platform is sound and more efficient. Instead of operating mainly as a peer-to-peer currency, Ether was designed more for business-to-business. Major Fortune 500 companies like Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan Chase, BP, Samsung,, are currently exploring Ethereum for supply chains, legal agreements, and other business transactions.  Great potential well into the future.  YTD:  2,496% increase.
  • Litecoin – Many exchanges are now opening their doors to Litecoin for many solid reasons.  Many enthusiasts state Litecoin is the silver crypto son spawned from the Bitcoin golden father.   Its blockchain is 7.5 minutes faster than Bitcoin and coupled with a new mining algorithm, Litecoin is truly innovative and more efficient.  Another reason we strongly endorse Litecoin is its core development team and excellent leadership.  Charles Lee who invented Litecoin recently returned from Coinbase to once again focus on LTC full time.  Don’t be surprised if Litecoin hits $100 or more at the end of the year.  Many predict Litecoin will eventually outperform Bitcoin.  Exciting times indeed!  YTD:  1,140% increase.

(YTD:  August 2017)